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Brandkeyer is a brand domain name innovator and creator. Your brand name and/or domain name is the front office of your business, so your naming choice is a determinant factor for your new company creation. For that Brandkeyer gives you the opportunity to choose the ideal and appropriate brand domain name. Browse our site and purchase a domain name with good price and value.

We are selling our own domain names for now, so our customers will not find issues with third parties’ cancellation or transfer delay. New domain names and services will be launched later, stay tuned.

New Domain Names For Sale


Practical Brand Naming Introduction Review.

In most cases, brand names are single or dual composite names. Finding a single short domain name becomes a tedious task leading most of the time to insignificant brands. This might be helpful for businesses looking to promote themselves as high-ranked links on google. However, this might be a killer for the enterprise image in long term. Let us not forget that big and popular brands have a dual name combination like Microsoft, Autodesk, Redbull, WebPros, GoDaddy … So, don't look for a single insignificant domain name that will later lower the value of your business.


Don't Get What's Available. Get What's Agreeable.

Starting a new business is like childbirth. The first thing to do is giving a name that will identify him during all his life. Finding the best and perfect name is a must. The cycle of brainstorming, and searching, may lead to a waste of time. Checking what is ready and available is the first step to take. Searching for available domains is frustrating because most of the best short names have gone, and the alternatives exposed by the hosting companies are too limited. A creative business name is worth every buck. Choose an attractive domain name with a high value.


Catchy Domain Names With Transfer Guaranteed.

Our selection of brand names is carefully processed. Only catchy and unique significant names are selected. You can choose to pay with PayPal, wire Bank transfer using secure Escrow payment. Once the payment is achieved, we transfer the purchased domain to your host without delay. The transfer period is too short since we are selling our own domain names, so it should be no delay or issues caused by sellers or third parties having to transfer their domain names or maybe changing their minds. All domains listed in are our own property and registered by us.